Offense zine, a cooperation project between Estonia, Finland and Switzerland, will bring its readers mostly old and forgotten interviews with famous and not-so-famous black/death metal bands. However, the zine is not only walking on old paths, but tends to step aside from time to time, bringing its readers also thoughts from newer bands.

Offense zine No 3 Autumn/Winter 2017

Al-Namrood (KSA), Cauchemar (CAN), Darkness (GER), Enchanted (NOR), Furze (NOR), Hyponic (PRC), Lubricant (FIN), Obliteration (NOR), Spectral Voice (USA), Strid (NOR), The Black Dawn (FIN), Emperor (NOR)  

English language 40-page b/w pro printed - 5 € + shipping 6€ worldwide.

Sold out: Offense zine Issue No 2 Winter/Spring 2014 (Demigod, Disharmonic Orchestra, Nordor, Incantation, Mayhem, Root, Thesyre, Lord Of Pagathorn, Moloch, Ravencult, Mortified, Evoked Doom, Dissection) - English language 52-page b/w pro printed

Sold out: Offense zine Issue No 1 Winter/Spring 2013 (Burzum, Immortal, Bolt Thrower, Abigor, Nocturnal Rites, Diamanda Galas, Abysmal, Discrucior, Fleurety, Helrunar and Forgotten Horror) - English language 40-page b/w pro printed